Our Stories - Steven Dunsmore Fund-raising for the Teddy Bear Foundation

The story of the Teddy Bear Foundation inspired professional golfer Steven Dunsmore to turn major fund-raiser for the charity.

The 40-year-old pro at the Falkirk Tryst Golf Club had been invited by a friend to take part in the Teddy Bear Foundation's 2007 golf tournament at Turnberry.

A film was shown to those attending, outlining the great work done by the charity throughout the year. What Steven discovered that day would have an impact on his life and - at the same time - boost the coffers of the children's charity.

He went back to his golf club and set about organising a number of events and telling other members about the charity’s work with children.

At the end of almost a year’s hard effort, around £7000 was passed on by Steven and the captain of the club’s ladies team, Mary O’Neill.

Steven explained the background to his fund-raising, which began that day at Turnberry.

He said:"I heard someone mention that Barry Chuwen and his wife, Jenny, had lost a baby to Edwards Syndrome.

"It struck home with me because me and my wife, Susan, had also lost a baby to the same condition 12 years ago.

"It's not very common at all. Everyone's heard of Down's Syndrome but Edwards was a real unknown.

"I decided that day at Turnberry that I would do what I could to help the charity."

Immediately, Steven donated to the Foundation half of the £1800 proceeds he raised by staging a Pro's Day at his club. That was followed by a charity day in May.

Finally, Falkirk Tryst’s Ladies embarked on a six mile sponsored walk from Linlithgow to Polmont. The result was hailed by The Teddy Bear Foundation’s Barry as “a serious amount of money.”

Steven Dunsmore helped raise a serious amount of money for the Teddy Bear Foundation

Steven Dunsmore helped raise a serious amount of money for the charity.

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