Our Stories - Park School

Kids at Park School in Kilmarnock loved their regular horse riding lessons but a rise in fees meant many of their parents could not afford to let them go.
It is well recognised that children with additional support needs can derive huge enjoyment through regular contact with horses.

In stepped the Teddy Bear Foundation, with a £600 cheque to match the sum raised by the school.
"The stables were charging us £1100," explained head teacher Anne Wilson.
"So Barry's donation meant that we were able to continue with the lessons.
"The kids really enjoy it. Future employment is a big issue for our pupils and many of them go on to find work in stable management.
"Some 16 and 17-year-olds even help out at local stables at weekends, they enjoy the experience so much."

Pupils at Park School in Kilmarnock get their riding lessons.

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