Our Stories - Lilybank School

Sensory equipment is crucial to the development of children with additional support needs.
At Lilybank School in Port Glasgow, the Teddy Bear Foundation was delighted to replace broken equipment with a number of colourful bubble tubes.
These are operated by the child by hitting a switch, sending a rush of coloured bubbles up the length of the tube.

"This kind of equipment is visually stimulating to the child," said Lilybank head, Eileen Stewart.
"It helps develop their switching action, because it shows the effect of a certain moving action.
"Barry came down to the school and indicated the level of support which we can expect from the Teddy Bear Foundation.
"Apart from the sensory equipment, we have not asked for any additional support but I expect we will.
"Barry feels so strongly about making a difference to the children's lives.
"You feel he has enormous empathy with what we are trying to do.
"And his enthusiasm and the way he relates to the children is just fantastic."

Children having fun at the sensory corner at Lilybank School in Port Glasgow.

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