Requesting our Help

The lives of thousands of special needs children in Scotland have now been touched by the work of the Teddy Bear Foundation.

The charity has provided cash for projects ranging from a few hundred pounds to those costing thousands.

To date, we have funded a major sports event for children in the highands, paid for panto trips, bikes and computers.

Mostly, it is head teachers of schools who contact us for help.  Many of them can’t believe how simple it is to apply.

For the Teddy Bear Foundation, there are no complicated forms to fill in.  Just tell us why you would like the money, what it’s for and email your request to

We can’t promise that every single project will be approved – but we will let you know our decision ASAP.

Linda Forrest, head teacher at Chesters Nursery School in Glasgow was amazed at how simple the procedure was.

She said:”I sent an email requesting money for computer software that would help the kids.

“The same day, I got an email back to say that the money had been approved.

“I could not believe it when the message popped up on my computer screen – it was so quick!”

Improving Lives


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