Our Stories - Hampden School

A striking example of the Chuwens' generosity can be seen through the windows of Hampden School, near the national stadium in Glasgow.
At a cost of thousands of pounds, the rambling grounds have been transformed to allow kids in wheelchairs far greater mobility around their building.

"It's simply a way of putting something back," said Jenny Chuwen, during a visit to the school.
Mary Cloughley, head teacher at Hampden School, said:"It is quite humbling that people like Barry and Jenny take time out of their busy lives to take an interest in our children.
"When he first wrote to us, offering help, he didn't even mention the fact that he had won the Lottery.
"At first, we were a bit skeptical that someone should want to hand us money for kiddies' treats. We had heard about so many charity scams that it made us suspicious.
"However, we were thrilled to discover he was a bone fide benefactor and that he's doing the same for loads of other schools in Scotland."

The school's IT facilities also received a boost from the Foundation in early 2007. Barry contributed £2500 to buy special touch-sensitive computers to help kids who struggle to use a computer's mouse.
Instead of issuing instructions by clicking on something, the child only has to press the screen to get a result.
Added Mary Cloughley:"We are just delighted. This purchase will make such a big difference to the children's learning."

New wheel chair access at Hampden School, Glasgow

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