Our Stories - Crisis - Work of Jean Cumming

The vital work done by the charity, Crisis, was in jeopardy until it made contact with Barry Chuwen.
A funding problem meant that it might have to lay off members of staff who provide counselling to abused and vulnerable children all over Scotland. Barry was happy to join other public figures in ensuring Crisis was able to pay its members of staff during its financial difficulty.

Only when he watched the BBC's Children in Need TV appeal did Barry discover the importance of the work carried out by Jean Cumming's team.
Her stress counsellors were forced to intervene when they discovered a five-year-old girl who was contemplating suicide.
Said Jean: "It's a heartbreaking story, but one that sadly is not uncommon.
"We had 500 children last year, all of whom were suffering from some kind of traumatic stress.
"Some had witnessed road traffic accidents, some had even seen someone murdered.  Others were showing adverse signs of living in squats with drug
"In the case of the five-year-old girl who was entertaining suicidal thoughts, she had seen domestic violence at first hand.
"Barry's financial contribution meant that our work with children like that could go on."

Jean Cumming of the charity, Crisis, who counsels abused and vulnerable children.

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