Our Stories - Christopher Munro's Trip of a Lifetime Story

The expression “trip of a lifetime” could not be more poignant than in the case of Christopher Munro.

We were happy to help him and his family make a memorable visit to Euro Disney in Paris.

But it was only later, once they had returned, that his mother revealed to us the heartbreaking decision behind the holiday.

Avril Munro explained:”Christopher has been in hospital isolation for much of his life.

“He has Down’s Syndrome, and chronic lung disease which means he has to be on oxygen 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

“When he was younger, we were told he wouldn’t live beyond 10 but he’s 18 now.

“He spends most of his time going to and from hospital.

“His condition has deteriorated recently and earlier this year, the doctor told us he may not have too much time left.

“We said we wanted to take him to Euro Disney and the doctor said ‘go for it.’”

The family budget was stretched to the limit.  Because Christopher needs constant oxygen, the trip had to be done by train.  After paying for the holiday, they received the bombshell news that the French health service would not pay for his oxygen when he was in their country.

The family also discovered they could not afford the London hotel needed for an overnight stay both going and coming back.

We were happy to step in with £320, the difference between the family from Blackwood in South Lanarkshire making the trip or not.

Added Avril:”I can’t thank you enough.

“The people at Disney were fantastic.  They laid on a bus each day to take us from the hotel to the park.

“And once we were in there, all the Disney characters came over to make a fuss of him.”

Dad, George, added:”His favourites were Buzz Lightyear, Woody, the Lion King and The Dalmatians.”

Now, Christopher likes nothing more than to watch a home movie DVD to remind him of the trip.

Said Avril:”He was thrilled to bits.  Christopher had never been in a hotel before or even on a train.

“When he arrived at the park, his face just lit up and he was pointing to everything.

“We are very grateful.”

Christopher at Euro Disney

Just Incredible. All the characters flocked to meet Christopher.

Christopher at Euro Disney

Christopher's not sure what to make of them pesky Chipmunks.

Christopher at Euro Disney

Christopher meets Woody and Jessie from Toy Story.

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