Our Stories - Carnbooth School

Much of the work done at Carnbooth School is geared towards improving the communication skills of children.
Pupils at the school in at Carmunnock, south of Glasgow, suffer profound problems with their hearing and vision.

Head teacher Jane Eyre said:"The challenge is to bring communication skills to children who are deaf and blind.
"We focus on things like Braille and the British Sign Language and use these to improve the child's life skills, things like walking, talking, eating and going to the toilet.
"Barry first brought us the Mini Zoo, which the children loved.
"Then he funded the regular appearance of a group called "Sounds of Progress".
"In creative arts, you can express movement and feeling. To children who find difficulty with expression of any kind, these sessions are simply marvellous.
"We just think Barry is fantastic."

It's time for Art at Carnbooth School in Carmunnock, near Glasgow.

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