Our Stories - Ben Henry Story

To many people, it’s just a plastic tray containing a pile of sand and a pool of water……

But to Ben Henry, the simple toy that slips over his wheelchair is as exciting as any adventure playground.

“He just loves sand and water,” explained mum, Laura.

“They’ve got a play tray in his school and he spends ages playing with it.”
The Teddy Bear Foundation was happy to help out with the £350 needed to equip six-year-old Ben with the play tray and a pirate swing.

Added Laura:”Ben was born 12 weeks early.  The fact that he has cerebral palsy stems from a lack of oxygen at some time before birth.

“He can’t walk and can only sit unaided for a few minutes so his playtime possibilities are pretty restricted.

“He’s a real outdoors boy so this means we can get him out into the garden – even if this summer’s been a bit on the chilly side!”

The pirate swing allows him to play with his friend and cousin, Ava.  The Perspex sides allow Laura to keep an eye on him, too.

The family home in Rothienorman in Aberdeenshire has a huge garden, which Laura wants to make more accessible for her son.

She added:”We’ve already had funding for some decking, which sits on the grass.

“Now, we’re asking some other charities if they can provide paving which would open up the garden more to Ben.”

She said she was very grateful to the Teddy Bear Foundation for the toys.

“The summer holidays can be very long,” said Laura.  “Having lots of fun things to do outside can make them more enjoyable for everyone.”

It's swing time for Ben, thanks to the Teddy Bear Foundation.

Ben gets stuck into his sand and water with his cousin, Ava.


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