Our Stories - Bailey Clarke Story

It’s never easy when children with special needs move up to high school but the task faced by Bailey Clarke was more daunting than usual.

At primary school, Bailey was able to use an Alpha Smart keyboard to overcome the difficulties she had with her handwriting.

She was also provided with a lean / angle board and a ‘wriggle cushion’ that helped overcome the effects of tremors in her arms.

But these aids were lost last summer when 12-year-old Bailey moved up to Queen Anne High School near her home in Townhill, Dunfermline.

Mum, Carla, tried to help by buying her an Acer netbook from her local Cash Generator but that packed in shortly afterwards.

Worried that her daughter was becoming anxious about attending classes, Carla dropped an email to the Teddy Bear Foundation for help.

“It was cracking,” said Carla, 31, a single mum.  “I got an answer back within three minutes and it carried just the news we wanted.”

Bailey is now the proud owner of a new Toshiba laptop computer, costing £370.

She will be able to use it for ordinary schoolwork, researching projects on the internet, chatting on Facebook and hooking up with pals on MSN.

There is also an online forum specifically for children with Hydrocephalus (water on the brain) that she will be able to engage with.

Said Carla:”We recently moved to a quiet street after spending many years on the eighth floor of a multi-storey block of flats.

“Bailey is the only child in the street so there’s not a great opportunity for her to mix locally with other kids.

“Now that she’s got her own laptop, I expect to see her confidence growing again.

“If she was to try and write something down, she’d be there for hours.  Now, she can type away and then print it off.”
Added Bailey:”I am so excited about getting my new computer.  Thank you very much, Teddy Bear.”

Bailey couldn't wait to get her hands on her new laptop computer. 

Bailey's mum, Carla, thinks the youngster's confidence will soar now. 

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