Our Stories - The Animal Man visits Cunard School

Classroom is the last place you expect to be slowly strangled by a slithering snake.

And nothing quite prepares you for the sight of your teacher, lying on the floor with a cockroach on her forehead.

But these were the delights enjoyed by pupils of Cunard School in Clydebank during a noisy visit by The Animal Man.

The Teddy Bear Foundation has now paid for countless visits by the mobile menagerie to special needs schools right across Scotland.

It gives kids a personal introduction to animals and reptiles they might otherwise only see in a book.

There’s never a quiet moment during the real-life show, as Nugget the Cockerel cockadoodledoo’s because other animals are getting all the attention.

According to the Acting Depute of Cunard School – who braved the cockroach – the benefits to the children go on long after Animal Man has packed up his cages.

“It has a big impact on the pupils,” said Claire McGinty.  “For example, the morning after his visit, we asked the children to write about their experience, which then led to a discussion.

“It is hard to get some of these children to sit for five minutes but the Animal Man had them spellbound for an hour.

“Council budgets are really tight now so treats like this are simply not available without outside help.

“We really appreciate the gesture by the Teddy Bear Foundation.”

Cunard looks after kids with significant social and emotional and behavioural difficulties.

Among the cast who performed in front of Cunard’s 18 pupils were Quackers the Duck, Nugget the Cockerel, Ronald the Rat and Puff the Bearded Dragon.

Animal Man Dave Lannigan added:”It was brilliant to see such a positive reaction to the animals.

“You never know if it’s the spider or the scorpion that will get the biggest scream!”

The Animal Man

Sammy the snake puts the squeeze on one young pupil at Cunard School.

The Animal Man

You'll never guess what landed on my head in class, mum.

The Animal Man

Kids from Cunard School meet Quackers the Duck.

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