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The Teddy Bear Foundation has funded dozens of visits to schools by the Animal Man, a keeper of some amazing pets and insects. Children with special needs are known to derive enormous pleasure from close
contact with our furry friends.  The sensation of different textures like snake skin and a lizard's jaggy scales can be enjoyed by children with a variety of disabilities, including those with visual impairment.

This was evident at one such display, at Kelvin School in Glasgow.  In a three-hour marathon, broken up into little groups, Animal Man Neil Ross managed to introduce the entire school roll to his menagerie and zoo.
Squeals of delight welcomed the introduction of Roxy the Mouse, running up his keeper's arm to the delight of the audience.  They got to touch him, too, gently stroking the fur on his back right down to the tip of his tail.
While the kids shrieked with excitement, some of the teachers wanted to take a back seat, particularly when we met Engelbert the Cockroach and Hemingway the Rat!
Said Animal Man Neil: "It is astounding the reaction you can get from the children when the animals appear ­ they really come out of their shell.
"I have made quite a lot of visits for the Teddy Bear Foundation.  Once you have won the trust of the children, there's no holding them back!"

Animal man Neil Ross proudly displays his rabbit, Chino.

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