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It’s a little-known fact that toys designed for special needs kids can cost the earth.

Six-year-old Amara Mehmood shows little interest in ordinary toys but she is fascinated by the Infinity Mirror and fibre optic toys available at her school.

Mum, Gulnar, decided to buy some special needs toys for her to play with in a new extension specially-built for her at the family home in Hamilton.

But when she saw that one single toy cost almost £600, she knew the playthings were out of her reach.

Her public health nurse had recommended families to the Teddy Bear Foundation before and asked if we could provide the £600 for Amara’s toy.

While we were happy to oblige, Gulnar was still angry at the high price of the toy and hit the Internet to do some research.

After hours on-line, she found the same toy for a far more reasonable £99 plus VAT.

Said Gulnar:”I got back in touch with the Teddy Bear to say that I had found the fibre optic lights so much cheaper.

“But they said that, rather than send the balance back, I should spend it on more toys for my wee girl.

“Other parents should check out www.cheapdisabilityaids.co.uk and www.specialneedstoys.com.

“We were delighted at how quick the Teddy Bear money came through.  My husband and I both work and we find that we miss out on a lot of things because of that.

“People like us tend not to get anything because we’re not on benefits.  But I was amazed to be paid so much money after so few questions.

“We don’t have a diagnosis for Amara.  She has complex special needs and they think it is genetic.

“She learned to walk around the age of five but she can suddenly fall over, which is why she needs to wear a protective helmet at school.

“New research is being done in Cambridge on kids like Amara so we have signed up for that.

“I am desperate for a diagnosis so that we know where we are headed with her.”

Meanwhile, Gulnar’s other children are bonding more with Amara in her new play room – because they like her new toys, too!”

Amara loves playing in front of her bubble mirror.

It's playtime in Amara's new extension.

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