Our Stories - William McClellan Story

Gone are the days when nine-year-old William McClellan was a mere spectator at play time.

While other kids whizzed around on their bikes, William was confined to a wheelchair because he could not use his feet to pedal.

But fun time for William has been transformed after the arrival of a £400 Rehatri bike, which is powered by rotating the handlebars.

William, who has ataxic cerebral palsy,  is now a familiar figure on the pavements around his home in Ayr.

Mum, Gail, said:”William loves his new bike.  It has given him a lot of self-confidence.

“We had a traditional bike for him but he couldn’t pedal it.

“I went on to the Teddy Bear website and sent an email, asking if they could possibly fund a specialised bike for William.

“Barry got in touch with me within 40 minutes.  I was so excited.

“It has come just at the right time, as the weather is getting better and he can get out more.”

Dad, Billy, added:”We can put his new bike in the car and take it down to the shore.

“Before, he was stuck in his wheelchair.  Now, he cycles along the prom with a smile on his face.”

Makers Mission Cycles say William’s bike is constructed specially for children with cerebral palsy by taking advantage of kids’ upper body strength.

The foot pedals operate too, which could help develop William’s lower body co-ordination.

Mission Cycles say:” Riding this bike promotes growth and learning through a healthy, fun and safe experience.

“It is a great choice for building up your child's self confidence, independence and mobility.”

One of the little lad’s uncles provided the perfect touch by handing him a personalised “William” registration plate for the back of his new bike.

No stopping him now!

William McClellan

No holding him back now.  William McClellan with his new bike.

William McClellan

William shows off his bike and personalised registration number.

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