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Tanya Dawkins found herself all alone, living in a strange country with no family around to help her.

Her father had died and her mother moved back to Northern Ireland, leaving Tanya to look after her three children in Falkirk.

Son, Christopher, 9, suffers from the rare brain malformation holoprosencephaly and 13-year-old Michael has been diagnosed with a heart condition.

“I was getting pretty desperate,” said Tanya, 32.  “I didn’t have any family around me and my problems were growing.

“I knew I’d need to move back to Northern Ireland to have my family around me but I couldn’t raise all the cash I needed.

“The removal was costing me £1100, which I had managed to get together but I just couldn’t find the £500 I needed for my first month’s rent in Northern Ireland.

“You get help with your rent after you have moved in but you need the first month’s payment first.”

After researching the charity on the internet, Tanya sent an SOS email to the Teddy Bear Foundation, asking for help.

And within hours, she got it.

“It was brilliant,” said the single mum.  “I had tried other charities and got nowhere.  I sent an email to the Teddy Bear Foundation and that same day, they said ‘yes’.”

Now living in the County Down town of Comber, Tanya revealed it was not long before she made use of her new-found family support network.

She said:”We weren’t back long and Annallesse, who is seven, had to be admitted to hospital with concussion.

“If that had happened when we were still in Scotland, I would have had to cope with all that on my own.

“I am so grateful.  The Teddy Bear Foundation money helped us start a new life.”

Tanya Dawkins Story

Tanya's three children, Michael, Christopher and Annallesse.

Tanya Dawkins Story

Christopher was born with a very rare brain condition.

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