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It’s not just iPods that provide entertainment – colourful pea pods can harbour a whole world of fun as well.

This revolutionary learning tool has just been delivered to a new Outreach Support Service based at St John’s Primary School in Barrhead, East Renfrewshire.

The Teddy Bear Foundation met the near £1500 cost of the equipment.

And no-one is more excited by its delivery than Janette Neillie, the principal teacher at the Service.

Explained Janette:”These ‘pods’ were originally designed as team-building exercises for companies.

“They have been adapted for children under the names Apodo and Peapodo.

“Together, they contain over 100 activities that really capture the imagination of our children.”

Kids never know what kind of challenge they are likely to find in each pod. There could be an MP3 player, a jigsaw or a puzzle inside.

Janette has seen some amazing changes in some of her more challenging children since the kit arrived.

She said:“I felt it was a really important resource. The children we are supporting are very vulnerable and need a fun way of learning.

“It works really well with special needs children because it works with shapes and colours.

“The kids absolutely love it – and so do the teachers!”

Pods have been a big hit at St John's Primary

Pods have been a big hit at St John's Primary.

You never know what you will find in a pod.

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