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For long enough, children who lost a parent or a close relative were simply told "Time is a great healer."

The emotional needs of the little ones were often not taken into account in the wake of a family tragedy. However, one school in Glasgow is now addressing the sensitive issue thanks to funding from the Teddy Bear Foundation.

St Clare's Primary in Drumchapel already operates sessions called "Seasons for Growth" which encourages children to deal with major changes in their life.

One young lad, for example, lost his mum at Christmas and said he did not have the opportunity to talk about her at home or in the playground.

He said:"I can talk about it in this class." Not surprisingly, taking a class on such a sensitive issue requires delicate skills among the teachers.

That's why the Teddy Bear Foundation is paying £1000 so that Principal Teacher Maureen Scott and Personal Support Assistant Ann Connolly can attend seminars at Glasgow University.

Mary Rice, the school's Acting Deputy Head explained:"Sadly, the number of children in the school whose parents have separated is quite high.

"The children have to deal with that in much the same way as if a parent had died." Head Teacher Gerard McLaughlin added:"This type of project could not be done under our normal school budget.

"One boy in P6 lost his dad. He would not open up to his mum because he did not want to upset her.
"But he needs an avenue to discuss his concerns and sadness. He can do it in this group.
"The money from the Teddy Bear Foundation is supporting some of the most vulnerable children in the school."

St Clare's Primary

Pupils at St Clare's Primary in Drumchapel jump for joy

St Clare's Primary

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