Our Stories - Sophie's Alarm Story

It must surely be one of the biggest dreads a parent can have – the knowledge that your child could stop breathing at any time.

For Mairi Dundas, the terror got worse at night.  What happened if her baby daughter, Sophie, took her final breath while the family was sleeping?

The fear kept the Falkirk mum awake during the night, leading to the kind of weariness that comes with the loss of sleep.

But now Mairi is sleeping much better after the Teddy Bear Foundation paid almost £750 for a sophisticated alarm system that goes off when it detects unusual breathing patterns.

The Alert It Guardian Monitor is so advanced, it is used by health professionals in hospitals and care homes.

Mairi’s 18-month-old baby suffers from ‘infantile spasms’, a form of epilepsy

Explained Mairi:”Sophie has hundreds of seizures all day and wakes in the night with them.

“This new mat goes under her cot mattress and alarms when she has a seizure or if her breathing stops.  It also comes with a sheet for her pillow that will alarm if she is sick.

“I was scared she would go into a big seizure which needs treated but I wouldn’t know because she doesn’t make a lot of noise when she wakes.”

She contacted a specialist charity which provides epileptic alarms but, crucially, they do not monitor a person’s breathing.

Added Mairi:”I phoned so many places but none of them would help me.

“When I contacted Teddy bear, we got the alarm so quickly – about a week and a half after I asked for it.

“I owe a big thank-you to the Teddy Bear. 

“I used to be back and forward to Sophie to check she was alright in the night.

“Now I’ve got the reassurance I need that I will be there for her if she needs me.  And I’m sleeping better, too.”

The Teddy Bear Foundation

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