Our Stories - Special Needs Adventure Playground, East Kilbride

Every summer, the people who run the Special Needs Adventure Playground try to find one or two new activities to keep the kids interested.

This year, the East Kilbride-based charity drew up a "wish list" of four things including a Nintendo Wii, a large TV screen and drumming lessons.

But rather than pick one thing from the list, the Teddy Bear Foundation decided to buy the lot, and topped it off with four strollers for days out and £300 worth of booster seats for bus trips.

"It's fantastic news," beamed Sheila Halford, chair of the charity which entertains children from Hamilton, Blantyre, Rutherglen, East Kilbride and Strathaven.

"Our play scheme runs for four weeks each summer, this year between July 7 and August 1 and is based in St Hilary's Primary in East Kilbride.

"We have built up a range of equipment that we use each year but it makes things so much better if we have these new accessories.

"We just want it to get better each year." South Lanarkshire Council provides a couple of buses to transport the children to and from the playscheme. The one bus they leave behind during the day is used to ferry the kids to exciting days out.

There are visits to the Special Needs area at Linn Park and the more able children get to visit the Glasgow Science Centre, the city's Transport Museum and Deep Sea World in Fife.

The strollers and booster seats being provided by the Teddy Bear Foundation will make these visits even more enjoyable.

Being a Pirate is fun.

SNAP - Special Needs Adventure Playground

What a brilliant day out


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