Our Stories - New Swings at Rouken Glen Park

Super Mum Marian Miller decided to swing into action – quite literally – to improve playground facilities for children at one of Scotland’s most popular parks.

She admits she often left Rouken Glen Park “in tears” because her daughter Nina was unable to use any of the chutes, slides or swings.

Nine-year-old Nina suffers from spinal muscular atrophy, a genetic muscle-wasting disease, which puts traditional playground facilities out of her reach.

But determined Marian decided to fight back, securing support from the local council and a £605 donation for new swings from the Teddy Bear Foundation.

We have paid for a Mirage swing, made of heavy-duty moulded plastic with a high back that is geared towards children with balance and muscle issues.  A secure harness keeps kids safe, too.

East Renfrewshire Council matched our donation and now the park has twin swings so that disabled children can play together.

As she put Nina through her paces on Rouken Glen’s new swings, Marian recalled:”In the past, I have left this park in tears.

“Eventually, we just stopped coming.  There was nothing for Nina to play on and she felt totally excluded.  I felt totally depressed.”

Friend Diane Johnston agreed.  Her six-year-old daughter Nicola has congenital muscular dystrophy.

“We just didn’t come,” said Diane.  “I have a younger son who wants to run around but Nicola could only watch.

“As other kids came sliding down the chute, she had to look on from her wheelchair.

“Now there is something for her to do here.”

The Rouken Glen investment is just the start of a concerted effort by the East Renfrewshire Disability Action Group to improve facilities in the area.

Cellist Marian is planning a busking day at Silverburn Shopping Centre and has made a request to the National Lottery Fund for £10,000 to help redevelop Rouken Glen’s main play area.

And what of the new swings?

Said Marian:”It has opened up the park to us again.  We're so grateful for the money.”

New Swings

Marian Miller, left, and Diane Johnston push their kids Nina and Nicola on Rouken Glen's new swings.

Rouken Glen Park

Nina Miller and Nicola Johnston get into the swing of things at Rouken Glen.

Rouken Glen Park

Marian Miller, left, and Diane Johnston push their kids Nina and Nicola on Rouken Glen's new swings.

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