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It’s not often we can introduce an entirely new sport to the country but that’s what we have done with Powerchair Football.

Different countries all over the world have managed to organise teams into leagues for young people in powered wheelchairs who have a love of football.

France and Canada led the way and England have had a structure in place since 2005.  The first World Cup for Powerchair Football took place in Japan in 2007.

Now Scotland is getting it’s first proper team in the sport thanks to a £4000 donation by the Teddy Bear Foundation.

Until now, the Glasgow City Powerchair Football club run by Active Schools Glasgow and Renfrewshire have had to make do with makeshift equipment.

To convert a powered wheelchair to allow its user to play football, volunteers had to tape long swimming pool floats together and fix them roughly to the front of the vehicle.

Partially effective it may have been, but it would never allow participants to compete in any tournament organised by the Wheelchair Football Association.

Scotland’s first-ever official Powerchair Football side are now the proud owners of professional attachments created by a specialist firm in Yorkshire.

Kate Toal, co-ordinator for Active Schools Glasgow and Renfrewshire, said: ”There are very few competitive sports that wheelchair users can take part in.

“Since we started Powerchair Football, even with our improvised equipment, the progress our young people have made is phenomenal.”

Aged eight to 18, the members of the team mostly suffer from cerebral palsy or muscular dystrophy.

Added Kate:”We are so excited about our new equipment.

“Your very generous donation is going to make a dramatic difference to the Powerchair Football club and also make it possible for us to engage more children and deliver sessions outwith the club training. 

“We could soon see our first-ever Scottish side playing against teams in England.”

Powerchair Football

Brand new fittings allow team to compete at highest level.

Powerchair Football

Kate Toal shows makeshift wheelchair fronts we've replaced.

Powerchair Football

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