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In the words of the Simply Red song, “Money’s Too Tight To Mention” in the Mackin family home right now.

Jim and Caroline Mackin are diverting most of their cash towards a major re-modelling of their house to suit 13-year-old son, Paul.

The teenager has severe learning difficulties, has Autism and suffers from complex epilepsy.

An extension to the family home in Strathaven will provide him with a far bigger bedroom and a shower room.

There will also be provision for a lift from the ground floor, should Paul need to use a wheelchair in the future.

Such expense means that there is little spare money to provide little luxuries like a touch-screen computer.

The Teddy Bear Foundation was delighted to help out with a £645 HP TouchSmart 300.

Typical of dad, Jim, the hardware proved something of a bargain.

The father and full-time carer for his son explained:”I was very conscious that it was a charity that was providing the money for Paul’s machine.

“So I went on-line and discovered a discount code from Comet.

“I like a bargain at the best of times, so I picked the cheapest machine available and got £90 chopped off the price.

“The great thing about the HP TouchSmart is that it operates on Windows 7 and uses the same software that Paul’s got in school.

“I.T. has been identified as the way forward for him and he gets great pleasure out of using touch-sensitive programmes.”
There was the added bonus of a grant for software from the family’s local council.

Added dad, Jim: ”Communication with the Teddy Bear Foundation was excellent.

“I only came across the charity on the Internet.  I’m glad that I did!”

Paul Mackin

Paul Mackin gets to know his touch-screen computer.

Paul Mackin

Paul's new computer uses the same software as his school.

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