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It’s not every school which can boast a playroom, a living room and a fully-fitted kitchen – for the kids!

Yet the schools which do provide these facilities do so for a very good reason.

Jane McDermott, Principal Teacher (Inclusion) at Neilston Primary School in East Renfrewshire explained why her school comes equipped with facilities more suited to the home.

Said Jane:”Many of our children need social and emotional input because they find it hard to learn or behave in the traditional classroom environment.

“We are increasingly seeing children who require direct input to support the emotional and behaviour needs children must learn in life like sharing or taking turns.

“You find that we talk a lot about our feelings.  So it’s important to set up a warm, cosy environment where the children feel comfortable to express themselves.”

At Neilston, the children learn to cook and wash up for themselves. And for that, a whole range of white goods, furniture and furnishings is required as well as toys and games to develop emotional literacy.

The Teddy Bear Foundation has donated £1000 to the school to allow the purchase of kettles, a cooker, tables and chairs to help complete the ‘lived in’ look.

Added Jane McDermott:”The money donated by the Teddy Bear Foundation has gone a long way.

“It will prove invaluable in our efforts.

"The local authority was providing some money.  However, we decided to track down alternative sources of income because we want to do the best for these children.

“We are very grateful to the Teddy Bear Foundation.”

Learning can be fun

Learning can be fun at Neilston Primary School.

A classroom becomes a kitchen.


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