Our Stories - The Mackenzies' Garden

Liz Mackenzie was “ecstatic” when she discovered the Teddy Bear Foundation had agreed to transform her giant garden in Livingston.

The mother-of-five has particular concerns for her 15-year-old son, Alistair and eight-year-old daughter, Katie.

Alistair suffers from severe Autism.  After being bullied, he has been reluctant to leave the family home and Liz feels he is not getting enough fresh air.

Katie has Aspergers and she, too, spends almost all of her time in the house.

It seemed a shame, therefore, that the Mackenzies’ garden was not laid out in a manner that would accommodate all members of the family.

To put matters right, we have agreed to donate £480 so that the garden can be given a makeover and divided into three sections; one for Alistair and his parents, one for Katie and yet another for her other children, 13-year-old Jamie and twins Abby and Jack, three.

“We did not know what to do with the garden,” said mum, Liz.

“It is quite boggy around here so when it rains, the garden gets really muddy.

“We will now be able to create a nice, decked area for Alistair so that he can get out more than he does at the moment.

“Hopefully, he’ll sit out there with his laptop and his friend can come to visit him.

“The wee ones will also have their own space and we’ll have it fenced off so the dog can’t get into it.

“This is fantastic for us.  I was ecstatic when I heard the Teddy Bear Foundation would pay for a new garden.

“This means we can get it ready in time for summer.”

Mackenzies Garden

Liz Mackenzie is looking forward to having a fantastic new garden.

Mackenzies Garden


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