Our Stories - TV for Mackenzie Hay

The first eight months of Mackenzie Hay’s young life were spent in hospital.

He suffers from a very rare condition called Moebius syndrome.  It means he has a number of fingers missing, abnormalities in his facial muscles and a very short bowel.

In time, he will need an operation just to let him smile.

His community nurse contacted the Teddy Bear Foundation to see if we could help bring some cheer into his life.

We were happy to pay £330 for a brand new TV and DVD player for the family home in Hamilton, Lanarkshire.

It will allow the tot to watch kids programmes on TV and Disney films on DVD.

But there’s a more serious side to this than first appears.  His community nurse said the team are trying to improve Mackenzie’s head control and having a larger TV than the family had would encourage him to follow the light.

“It’s just brilliant,” said one-year-old Mackenzie’s mum, Lee.

“I had never even heard of the Teddy Bear Foundation.

“Mackenzie loves sitting in his chair, watching the television.”

The family live on the top floor of a block of flats.  Just taking him up and downstairs in his buggy needs two people because Mackenzie is constantly connected to his feeder.

This means that trips outdoors are few and far between and Lee is beginning to feel isolated in her flat.

Talks are now on-going with the local authority to see if they can allocate the family a ground-floor flat.

Mackenzie’s community nurse said the new TV and DVD would “enhance his life dramatically.”

Mackenzie Hay

Lee Hay and son Mackenzie with their new big-screen TV.

Mackenzie Hay


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