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The Teddy Bear Foundation has struck up a wonderful relationship with one old lady’s family.
We’ve told before how Margaret Pringle turned her 80th birthday into a fund raising event for the charity.
When she died last year, her family used her funeral to collect £1100 from family and friends…..and donated it all to us.

Now, our relationship with Margaret’s family has entered yet another phase after grandson Barry Hunter picked up the torch on her behalf.
The 31-year-old from Ayrshire ran the Rock ‘n’ Roll half marathon in Edinburgh and raised £500 in sponsorship money.
Not only is he donating it all to us, he’s hopefully talking his company Provident Financial into matching the sum as well.
Said Barry:”I chose the Teddy Bear Foundation because it was my gran’s favourite charity.
“Raising this money was a good way of continuing that legacy.  I think my gran would be delighted with what I’ve done.”
In 2010, Margaret Pringle turned her 80th birthday into a fundraiser for our charity, asking party guests to bring no gifts.  Instead, she suggested they should bring a cheque made out to the Teddy Bear Foundation.
Famously, she told us:”When you get to my age, you find you have all the ornaments you want.”
That kind gesture raised £340 for special needs kids across Scotland.
Margaret passed away in January 2011 after suffering a fall at her home in Sanquhar in Dumfriesshire.
But, typically, she was able to help kids even in death.
Her family say she was so proud of her donation to us, they organised a special collection at her funeral, which was attended by hundreds of family, friends and neighbours.
And, incredibly, the Teddy Bear Foundation became £1100 better off as a result.
Daughter Dianne explained:”It is what she would have wanted.
“Mum was so proud of being on the Teddy Bear website she would tell all her friends to go online.”

Now her grandson has decided to keep it in the family.

Margaret Pringle

Margaret Pringle thought of others when she marked her 80th birthday.

Margaret Pringle

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