Our Stories - Linda Gets Big Lift

Troon mum Linda Jones got a big lift from the Teddy Bear Foundation ­ in more ways than one!
Linda had been struggling to lift her seven-year-old daughter, Yvonne, who has the severe form of epilepsy, West Syndrome. A hoist for the kiddie had already been installed in her bedroom to help get her into the bathroom. But as Yvonne gets bigger, her mum was finding it difficult to get her into her wheelchair from a sitting position on the living room floor.

The local council agreed to provide half of the £4000 cost of providing a hoist in the living room.
And the Teddy Bear Foundation has agreed to come up with the other £2000 required.
Said Linda:"When Yvonne is on the floor, she plays away with her toys.
"But because she can't stand on her own, it's becoming a big issue whenever I need to get her up.
"To lift her, I need to get the wheelchair right up against her. It can do your back in if you don't do it properly.
"As she's getting bigger all the time, it's becoming more and more of a problem."
Providing the vital funding for Yvonne's hoist is exactly the kind of project favoured by the Teddy Bear Foundation.
The difference it will make to the life of Yvonne and her mum makes it such a worthwhile contribution.
Added Linda:"It's great. I knew nothing of the charity until my special needs social worker mentioned it.
"I am extremely grateful for the support it has given me."

Linda Jones

Linda and Yvonne Jones

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