Our Stories - New Bikes for Linburn School

The kids of Linburn School used to share just one bike found in an old shed at the back of the yard.
Now, you'll see pupils form an orderly queue for four shiny-new trikes which have just arrived from specialist makers.
The Teddy Bear Foundation provided a £1100 boost to the £300 the school had already managed to raise for this liberating form of transport.

"Some of the kids would never even get the opportunity to sit on a bike", said school head, Jinty Stewart.

"These are custom-built bikes which are very expensive. The parents simply could not manage it."

People living near the school in Cardonald, Glasgow, are now warming to the sight of happy kids, effortlessly whizzing around the playground.

Linburn has a roll of 49 young people, ranging in age from 12 to 19.

School instructor Mary McGrath added: "We now use the bikes as part of our PE activities.

"We also use the lure of the bikes as a reward for the kids. If they have done what they are supposed to do, out come the bikes.

"The playground does not offer us a huge area to cycle in. The head teacher would like to see a cycle track laid out at the back of the school, which has plenty space."

The makers have come up with a highly-appropriate name for the bikes...


This bicycle lark's wheely good.

New Bikes for Linburn School.

Instructor Mary McGrath sets young Nathan on his way.

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