Our Stories - Leven iPads Story

Pride is written all over the face of one young boy whose world has been transformed by the iPad computer.

As a result of Dwarfism and spinal stenosis, the lad had minimal use of both his hands.

But place an iPad in front of him and he was soon ‘swooshing’ pages and tapping on his software of choice.

Moira Smith is nurse team leader at the Leven Child Development Centre in Fife.

The unit caters for around 16 children a week, who have a range of additional support needs.

Said Moira of her computer whiz kid:”It’s come as a surprise to everyone.
“The first time he used it, I thought ‘he’ll never manage that’.
“But before long, he was able to do picture matching, pairing games and picking the odd one out.
“He loves it.  He loves showing what he is able to do.”

The Teddy Bear Foundation has donated two iPads to the centre, worth £800.

They have proved highly popular, as Moira Smith explains:”I must admit it….there have been fights.

“It just seems to be suitable for all of the children.
“There’s one boy who is visually impaired but you see him smiling when he hears the sounds.
“I hate to admit it but one of the most popular pieces of software is the farting game….and I don’t need to tell you what sounds that makes!”

The centre provides a wide range of services, including education, speech and language therapy and family support.

Leven is located in a part of Fife which has a number of areas of deprivation.

It’s hoped that as time goes on, the centre will be able to buy more and more ‘apps’ for the machines, widening the kids’ horizons even more.

Moira Smith helps one young boy operate the iPad.

"You're not getting mine". Young Sandy is very protective of 'his' computer.

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