Our Stories - Kevin the Climber

You could say that teenager Kevin McQuillan is on the ladder to success – but the boy himself would much rather use a rope.

Kevin, 14, attends the Ladywell Learning Centre in Glasgow, which specialises in helping youngsters with emotional and behavioural difficulties.

In the past, he has found it hard to make friends and sometimes fails to recognise the need to respect the personal space of others.

But Kevin found something that suits him right down to the ground after he was sent on a climbing course with an Outdoor Resource Group.

Experts there quickly recognised his talent for climbing and it was felt that persevering at the sport might boost his self esteem and teach him self discipline skills.

The Ladywell Learning Centre had no funds to send him on a half-term break climbing holiday so the Teddy Bear Foundation donated £150 to allow him to take part – plus 10 extra lessons at a bespoke climbing centre in Glasgow.

Joanne Smith, Kevin’s support worker at the Centre said:”This has made a big difference to Kevin’s life.

“He has just taken part in an event run by the National Indoor Climbing Achievement Scheme.

“There are five levels in the scheme and he has managed to reach Level 2 in a relatively short space of time.

“He had to undertake 25 quite difficult climbs and he’s now focused on taking things to a different level.

“All of this is thanks to the Teddy Bear funding.”

Kevin McQuillan

Kevin McQuillan has found a true head for heights.

Kevin McQuillan

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