Our Stories - Keiran Johnstone Story

A major donation by the Teddy Bear Foundation has allowed a young Scots boy to attend the ground-breaking Peto Institute in Hungary.

The educational establishment in Budapest introduces revolutionary exercises for children with cerebral palsy, which can produce remarkable improvements in their lifestyle.

Wheelchairs are left at the door between 8.30am and 3.30pm while the kids go through a series of procedures designed to stimulate their ‘conductive education.’

Mum, Ann Marie Johnston, did not have the £1,800 needed for Keiran to participate in the Institute’s summer programme.

But a call to the Teddy Bear Foundation one Friday saw an international money order arriving in Hungary the following Monday.  It was for half of the cost of the programme.

Said Ann Marie:”I was nearly crying when Barry said he’d help us out.
“I had booked the flights and wasn’t sure where the money for the course would come from.

“There was a big fund-raising effort in our home town of Cumbernauld and we managed to raise all the money we needed.”

Ann Marie joined her 10-year-old son for the three-week long course in Hungary, which she said produced “amazing” results.
Said Ann Marie after they returned:”No-one can believe how much he has benefited from the visit.

“He is stepping into the pool at the baths now, which he couldn’t do before.
“It was fantastic that the Teddy Bear Foundation recognised he had the potential.

“I am so excited about the opportunities which lie ahead for him now.
“I hope the experience will benefit him for the rest of his life.  I want him to be as independent as possible.”

The Peto Institute in Hungary.

Keiran goes through his paces at the Peto Institute..

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