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A family from Canada found themselves in dire financial straits when they encountered some bad news during a summer holiday to Scotland.

Katy, the four-year-old daughter of the Wymant family was diagnosed with a brain tumour.

With specialist treatment not available in their own country, Margot and Laurence Wymant had to stay on in Scotland so that Katy could receive her vital treatment in Glasgow.

This meant that dad Laurence was unable to return to his work as a claims manager in Orangeville, Ontario. Even though they were able to live with relatives in Glasgow, the bills began piling up.

Barry Chuwen, founder of the Teddy Bear Foundation, read about the family’s plight in the Daily Record newspaper.

He kindly agreed to provide the Wymants with £500 each month up until Christmas 2008.

Barry said:”I was really touched by the Record story about Katy.

“Our charity does not tend to hand out massive sums of money.

“We prefer to make donations that make a difference to people.

“Katy’s parents have enough to worry about without wondering if they will have enough money to get by on.

“I was only too happy to help out.”

Margot Wymant described Barry’s cash intervention as “absolutely overwhelming.”

She added:”We didn’t even know Barry yet he has come up with this incredible gift.”
Dad Laurence added:”It has taken a huge weight off our shoulders.”

We wish Katy well.

Katy Wymant Story

Barry Chuwen with Katy Wymant

Katy Wymant Story

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