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Little Josh Donaldson may have loved the outdoors but mum Lynda could not let him out of her sight.

Playmates of the six-year-old realised that the boy was “different” and soon began picking on him near his home in Livingston.

Mum, Lynda, took him away on a camping trip – and opened up a whole new world to her Autistic son.

“I think it’s the space,” said Lynda during another sunny jaunt to Arrochar on the shores of Loch Long.

“He was up at 6am today, wanting to go down to the water.  He was jumping around, he was so excited.”

Yet before the pair could set out on their adventures, Lynda had to beg, steal and borrow various pieces of camping equipment from family and friends.

She emailed the Teddy Bear Foundation to see if we could add to the £220 she had raised towards her goal.

Said Lynda:”I could have cried when you told me you were giving Josh and I a further £550.

“Our money will pay for a new tent while your money will buy a roof box for the car and all the other bits and pieces we need.”

Josh attends the mainstream Deans Primary in Livingston but has found it quite hard to settle.

Said Lynda:”We are waiting for a placement at a special needs school.

“This year, he has had hardly any education because of his behavioural issues.”

Family friend Andy MacGillivray, who joined them at Arrochar, added:”The change in Josh has been fantastic.  His appetite has improved because he’s burning up so much energy.

“This donation won’t just pay for one holiday – it will allow them to get away whenever they want.

“They will be thanking the Teddy Bear Foundation for years to come.”

Josh Story

Josh Donaldson's burning up energy on his latest camping trip.

Josh Story

Mum, Josh and Andy enjoying Scotland's great outdoors in Argyll.

Josh Story

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