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The craving for information led to regular ructions in the Inverness home of the Morrison family.

With only one computer among them, the Morrison kids would regularly squabble over who’s turn it was in front of the screen.

Karen Morrison would even wake her 10-year-old son, Jordan, at 6.45am to allow him 45 minutes on the machine before he went to school.

But even then, there would be arguments with his siblings.

Now, thanks to the Teddy Bear Foundation, peace has broken out in the Morrison household after we purchased a £300 laptop for Jordan.

Mum, Karen, said:”He is brilliant on the computer.

“If any of his sisters have a problem on-line, Jordan will sort it our for them.

“But he suffers from Autism and he would get very upset if he could not get onto the computer.

“When he gets upset, it upsets the whole of the house.”

Karen went on-line herself to seek out a charity that would help the family’s situation.

She said:”The Teddy Bear Foundation was the first thing that came up.

“At first, I thought it was just head teachers who could apply but then I discovered it was open to anyone.

“One email to Barry and he got the whole thing rolling.

“It has been brilliant for Jordan.  Having his own laptop is really helping his learning.

“He is very keen on the planets and the solar system.  Unfortunately, he’s now asking me questions about planets and I don’t have a clue!”

Jordan Morrison

Jordan's new laptop has brought peace and quiet to his home.

Jordan Morrison

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