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There's nothing worse than a disco that's plainly lost its beat...
Yet that was the problem encountered at Isobel Mair School on the day of the school prom! Their music machine gave up the ghost, leaving kids with a measly boom box to dance to.
All that changed and the music started up again when the Teddy Bear Foundation provided a £2000 all-singing, all-dancing disco unit complete with flashing lights.

Stewart Adie, Isobel Mair's "Mr Entertainment" raved about the new equipment. The janitor-cum-DJ said:"Now I've got all the facilities I could ever want.

"There are speaker stands, light stands, an amplifier and a Karaoke machine.
"Now we can have as many parties and discos as we can manage."

The Isobel Mair School in Clarkston, near Glasgow, holds a special place in the hearts of Barry and Jenny Chuwen. It is here where son Ted would have attended if he had won his fight for survival. It was fitting, therefore, that Isobel Mair was the first school in Scotland to benefit from the couple's generosity.

In 2006, the school received £3000 on two different occasions from the Teddy Bear Foundation.
Then, in early 2007, The Foundation donated a further £2000 to help fund a mini-flat within Williamwood High School. It helps Isobel Mair pupils adjust to an independent future.

Let the dancing begin....Isobel Mair staff and pupils get moving to the disco beat

Isobel Mair School Dance

One young John Travolta wannabee gets grooving at Isobel Mair.

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