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A chance flick through a newspaper resulted in a Glasgow school picking up 10 new laptop computers, courtesy of the Teddy Bear Foundation.

Karen Mathieson, head teacher of Howford School in the city’s Crookston area, said she only learned about the charity from a colleague.

“One of our teachers saw an article about Barry Chuwen and the work he was doing with children across Scotland,” said Karen.

“She asked me if I ever thought about asking the Teddy Bear Foundation for financial help.

“I had a look at the website and got in touch to see how I could get an application form.

“Barry said he would like to visit the school first and after we showed him around, he just said:”Right, I’m in!”

The result was 10 brand new Toshiba computers worth £3500 which the  children will use to prepare for life after school.

Added Karen:”I could not believe how easy the whole process was.

“Many of our children have disadvantaged backgrounds where, at home, they are unlikely to have access to a computer.

“We will use the laptops to give kids the IT skills they will need for the rest of their lives.

“We will show them how to go onto the Internet and use it to find things out.  In the future, all banking could be done on-line so we need to make sure our pupils are prepared for that happening.

“They can save their work onto a memory stick, which has their own name on it.

“That means they can take their work and use it on any other computer they might have access to.

“I’m sure if we let them, they would want to take their laptop home with them as well!”


Howford School

Howford School pupils and their battery of laptop computers.

Howford School

It will be fun picking up those IT skills.

Howford School

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