Our Stories - Hopscotch Holiday for Glenboig Neighbourhood House

It is a sad fact of life that there are thousands of children today who find themselves standing outside society, looking in.

They may have been excluded from mainstream life due to poverty in the family, having to look after a sick relative or through suffering personal abuse.

Glenboig Neighbourhood House in North Lanarkshire is a voluntary organisation which tries to combat some of these social ills. They identified 12 children who would benefit from a once-in-a-lifetime break to Ardvullin in Ardgour in the Scottish highlands.

And the Teddy Bear Foundation picked up the tab.
The trip was organised by the children's charity HopScotch, which provides free breaks for severely disadvantaged children between seven and 11 years.

The spell away opened up a whole new world to the kids, many of whom had never been in the countryside before, never mind a holiday.

They were able to mix with children their own age and learn social and teambuilding skills, giving them confidence and self esteem to cope with their everyday lives.

Days were spent at local beaches, wildlife, marine and heritage centres.

The children also got a chance to go canoeing, indoor climbing and taking a trip on the cable car to Aonach Mor to see Ben Nevis.

They learned about local wildlife, birds, insects, plants and flowers. And at the end of each day, they filled in a scrapbook, including drawings and photos, as a record of their week's activities and adventures.

Bethan said of her trip:"The holiday was great. I liked the canoeing, l loved the rock climbing. Going up the cable car was fun and learning about the mountains. I liked feeding the rare breed animals. My favourite thing was rock climbing because I didn't know I could go that high. "Thank you for taking us."

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Hopscotch Holiday for Glenboig Neighbourhood House

Canoeing in Ardgour.

Hopscotch Holiday for Glenboig Neighbourhood House

Hopscotch Holiday

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