Our Stories - The Sunshine Room at Giffnock Primary School

It is not every child who can easily slip into the normal routine of a school.

Some kids are intimidated by the building.  Others, with emotional or social difficulties, struggle to express themselves in class or show their true emotions.

It was for that reason that an educational psychologist in East Renfrewshire suggested the creation of a “time out” place where children could really feel at home in Giffnock Primary School.

The newly-named “Sunshine Room” is a former store room which has been fitted out with all the home comforts by the Teddy Bear Foundation.

Our £700 donation paid for a shopping spree at IKEA to buy a dining table, chairs, crockery, curtains and lamps.

There are pictures on the wall and an array of games and pastimes which combine to create a real fun space.

According to principal teacher Alasdair McDonald, Giffnock’s Sunshine Room is already producing remarkable results just two months after it was opened.

He said:”We thought it may take two terms before we start to see an improvement in the children.

“But we’re at the end of just our first term with the room and already we are seeing a difference.

“You have to reach kids at a critical stage.  You don’t want them to turn away from school.

“This offers a relaxing place where they can take time out.  It will suit children who find it difficult to cope with the busyness of the classroom scene.

“It will also help kids who have had an extended absence due to illness, kids with speech and language difficulties and even children coping with bereavement.

“We could not have done it without the support of the Teddy Bear Foundation.”

Pupil council members Ruby Yuill and Emily Clark were happy to show off the new accommodation.

Said Ruby, nine:”I think it will be good for the ones who struggle in class.  It gives them some time out, just to even have a snack.”

Chum Emily, 10, added:”I like the fact you have games in here that allow you to express your feelings.”

Sunshine Room

Ruby Yuill (left) and Emily Clark try out the new 'Sunshine Room' at Giffnock Primary School.

Sunshire Room

Ruby is pleased children can express their feelings in The Sunshine Room.

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