Our Stories - Fraser's iPad Story

Diane Marchand was well aware of son, Fraser’s, obsession with computers.

She can’t take him into a shop without the 14-year-old trying to access the internet on the store’s computerised tills!

“He loves Youtube,” laughed Diane, “but it’s hard to explain his obsession to the person on the till.”

Courtesy of the Teddy Bear Foundation, Fraser is now the proud recipient of a £500 Apple iPad 2, which comes with 3G connectivity and a bundle of educational software.
He attends the Isobel Mair School in Clarkston, Glasgow, where stunned teachers asked Diane if she had taught him how to type.
Said the proud single mum:”I certainly hadn’t taught him to type – he just seems to have picked it up on his own.
“And his spelling is superb.
“I need to get the school to show me how to make best use of all the educational software we now have.
“I try to ration the amount of time he spends on his new machine; I caught him flicking over endless pages when his eyes were bloodshot.
“He likes it so much, I need to hide it when he goes to bed.”
Fraser is on the Autistic Spectrum.  As a result, he has no concept of danger and traffic would present him with a potentially-fatal risk if he left the house unaccompanied.
That means he spends almost all of his time in the family home in Busby, East Renfrewshire, with Diane and elder brother, Scott, 16.
Added Diane:”We are now getting more speech from Fraser.
“He doesn’t say much but recently I was talking to my neighbour at the door and he just came up and asked “Where’s The iPad?  We were both gobsmacked.
“I can’t thank the Teddy Bear Foundation enough.  I think it’s fantastic what you are doing.
“Any time I’ve got anything for Fraser, it’s been a real battle.  But you said ‘yes’ so quickly, I was amazed.”

Fraser likes his new iPad 2 so much, his mum has to ration his time on it.

Fraser has stunned teachers with his typing skills.

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