Our Stories - Fraser Kelly Story

Fraser Kelly has been making good use of the computer bought for him by the Teddy Bear Foundation.

A number of difficulties suffered by the 12-year-old meant that he struggled with his handwriting and found his wrist tired after a short period of time.

As a result, his mum felt he wasn’t exploiting his full potential at Balfron High School in Stirlingshire.

Now, there’s no stopping Fraser and he has just completed a compelling study of UFO activity across the world.

We paid £400 for a Hewlett Packard machine and his mum bought extra software and a printer.

“The computer will be great for him,” said mum, Sarah.

“We’ve been told he’s heading for one of the top maths classes next year.

“He is also sitting his Standard Grade English at the end of third year.  Fraser will need extended time and if he can type better, they may let him use the computer.”

The computer will also help Fraser with his spelling, through the automatic spell check service, and allow him to present his homework in a more tidy fashion.

He has Aspergers Syndrome and Dyspraxia and has hypermobile joints.  These combined to make his handwriting quite difficult to maintain.

But, having said that, he can type at the speed of light.

One of his first tasks on his new machine was to produce a balanced argument for the existence or non existence of Unidentified Flying Objects.

He wrote:”UFO’s are extra-terrestrial because the flight pattern is too strange to be any type of man-made aircraft.

“They are also too big or too small to be man-made aircraft.

“Even if they are man-made, unofficial reports state some aircraft such as the Me-271b2 have been reverse-engineered from alien spacecraft.”

And his spelling was perfect!

Fraser Kelly is delighted with his new computer.

Fraser may do even better at school.

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