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Everyone knows that children with dyslexia are treated far better now than ever before.....but what about the parents?
Discovering that your son or daughter is suffering from this learning disability can have a devastating effect on families.
There are so many questions.  What does this condition mean?  Will the school provide support?  Can they get extra time for exams?

In one education authority area, a small group has grown up to provide support for mums and dads struggling to make sense of it all. They get back-up from the local council, who provide expert speakers like head teachers and psychologists. And they provide a support network of other parents who find themselves in the same boat.

Now, the Teddy Bear Foundation has made a £250 donation to the Parents Support Group for Dyslexia, which is based in East Renfrewshire.

The money will be used to pay for the hire of halls for their four-times-a-year meetings plus the travelling expenses for people invited to address them.

Hazel Shaw, one of the group’s organisers, said:”For many people, the news that your child is dyslexic can be really confusing.

“Yes, they can speak to the school to find out what this means but many parents can be left feeling isolated.

“Our group can let them meet other parents facing the same questions.  We can show what IT skills the children can develop and what books to read.

“It allows families to realise that they are not on their own.”

Although it is based in East Renfrewshire, the group is open to any parent who feels they need a bit of help themselves.

Added Hazel:”We are finding that associating with other parents and experts gives people the confidence to go into a school and ask the relevant questions without being daunted.

“It is much easier to ask those questions in school if you have already spoken to a child psychologist beforehand.

“We are delighted to get this donation from the Teddy Bear Foundation.

“We only applied because we were aware of all the other great work the charity has been doing.”


Parents Support Group for Dyslexia

Kids with dyslexia are well catered-for these days but parents need help too.

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