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Five-year-old Rhiannan Boyle has just discovered that happiness comes in cycles – in her case a £600 shiny yellow one!

The pupil at Drummore Primary in Glasgow’s Drumchapel is hampered by poor mobility and sometimes has to “bum shuffle” or “Commando crawl” to get about.

Now she is able to join her class mates in the playground after the Teddy Bear Foundation stepped in with a Terrier specialist bike.

Mum, Lynda, said:”It was so good of the Teddy Bear Foundation to fund it.
“Rhiannan can’t walk and she suffers from oral and verbal dyspraxia.

“She sometimes gets frustrated that she can’t do the things other kids can.  She would see them on their bikes in the playground but now she won’t feel left out.”

Rhiannan’s super bike is just the latest donation to the school.

The charity has also provided a £1500 “Smartboard” to help interactive learning in the class.  It’s a computer linked to a projector, which turns the traditional blackboard into a high-tech learning tool.

Head teacher Pat Podmore said:”It’s an ideal way to teach children to read.  For children with learning difficulties, it is a fantastic resource.

“I can’t thank the Teddy Bear Foundation enough.”

In 2008, Pat was “getting nowhere” in her quest to obtain bikes for her pupils.

The £1500 which the charity provided bought 12 sturdy Raleigh bikes and helmets, which are now shared around Drummore's various classes.

Added Pat:"I am absolutely delighted with the bikes."I was getting nowhere in my attempts to get funding for them.

"Many of our children have social and emotional difficulties; they need to be occupied at lunch time and playtime.

"I knew that encouraging them to ride a bike would improve their co-ordination.”

The school has also taken delivery of six new laptop computers, which were put to good use in the classroom almost immediately.

It takes the Teddy Bear spending at Drummore to more than £5000.

Dorothy Sim, the deputy head, said that some of the children find it physically draining to write out their work in long hand.

She added:”But giving them a keyboard makes things much easier.  They can make changes to what they write and re-draft it if necessary.

“The spell check facility is another great benefit.  One of our pupils is dyslexic and really struggles with spelling.

“The computer will not only point out which word is wrong, but will offer a range of options with the correct spelling.

“The kids are so excited about new technology – it really helps with their concentration.”

Rhiannan Boyle

Rhiannan Boyle is mobile now - thanks to the Teddy Bear Foundation.

Rhiannan Boyle

Rhiannan Boyle's friends check out her new Transport.

Drummore School

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