Our Stories - New "Smartboard" for Drummore School

A magical device that “brings nursery stories alive” has just been delivered to Drummore Primary School in Glasgow’s Drumchapel.

Teacher Audrey McLaren is raving about the £1850 interactive ‘Smartboard’ which opens up a whole new dimension to learning.

Think of your average class blackboard that has just been fitted with wings and a supersonic jet engine and you can begin to understand the amazing transformation in teaching that it brings.

Nursery rhymes are played out on the board but children are able to take part by physically putting Humpty together again!  He lies on the screen in four pieces, which kids can sort like a jigsaw by clicking and dragging them into the correct position.

The Smartboard also connects to the internet, allowing older children to explore colourful BBC software and play video clips from the Amazon jungles.

“It literally brings nursery stories alive,” said teacher Audrey McLaren who looks after Class 1. 

“Visual learning is a hugely-important part of their education.

“Being able to bring sound and vision together like this will have a big impact on their learning.

“We have parents coming in to ask us about a particular song.  It seems the children have been singing class songs at home!”

For the uninitiated, the most popular tunes at the moment are “Ten in the Bed”, “Five Fat Sausages” and “Speckled Frogs.”

The Teddy Bear Foundation has been privileged to help Drummore Primary several times over the years.  We have equipped the school with a fleet of bikes, computers and yet another Smartboard.

Pupil Rhiannan Boyle was even gifted a special £600 bike of her own to vastly improve her mobility.

The Acting Deputy Head, Peter Calderwood, said of the most recent donation:”The value to the school is huge.

“A Smartboard allows the whole class to be more involved.

“To our kids, visuals are vitally important so being able to offer this fantastic learning tool is absolutely invaluable.”


Drummore School

The Teddy Bear Smartboard has transformed lessons at Drummore School.

Drummore School

Teacher Audrey McLaren says the device has brought studies "alive".

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