Our Stories - Millie's Medicine

Diane and Paul McMenemy have travelled to one of the hottest spots in Europe to find help for the darling daughter, Millie.

But it was the cold box in their Lanarkshire home which almost let them down.

Millie receives supplies of vital medication every couple of months from Barcelona in Northern Spain.

The little three-year-old suffers from Zellweger Syndrome, a congenital disorder which prevents the tot from producing peroxisomes.  These normally allow the body to get rid of toxins.

Her parents had to travel to Barcelona for help when they couldn't find it in this country.  They found it at the Catalan clinic of Dr Manuela Martinez.

Her DHA Ethelesther medication is sent over frozen from Spain and must remain frozen just before it is administered to Millie.

But this vital process was endangered when the family fridge went on the blink.

Explained mum, Diane:”It is crucial that Millie’s medication is kept frozen but our old fridge began to pack up.

“We ended up having to store the medication at my mother-in-law’s house because we just couldn’t allow it to defrost.

“My husband, Paul, had to give up his job last year to help me look after Millie so we were strapped for cash and unable to buy a new fridge.”

The family already had enough to worry about.  Children with Zellweger Syndrome often do not live beyond six months.

In fact, the McMenemys were told that Millie was unlikely to see her first birthday.  Now she’s coming up for four.

Diane’s community nurses had tracked the success of the Teddy Bear Foundation and knew that the family’s predicament was exactly the kind of case we like to help with.

That’s why a £310 Hotpoint fridge / freezer has just arrived at the family home in Newarthill.  It contains a ‘super freeze’ section where there should be no worries over Millie’s medicine.

Added Diane:”It is absolutely amazing.  It is such a weight off my mind.

“I know the outlook is great for kids like Millie but we just hope to get at least 10 years with her.”

Millie McMenemy

Mum Diane and Millie are delighted with their new fridge.

Millie McMenemy

Millie's medication is kept at a low temperature in the special 'super freeze' section of the fridge.

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