Our Stories - New Bikes and Garden Benches for Croftcroighn School

Children with special educational needs have not always enjoyed the healthiest of lifestyles.
As a result of their condition, it has not always been easy for parents or carers to ensure that pupils lead healthy and active lives, make sure that they have a healthy diet and that exercise is a vital part of their daily activity.
Because of this, children can quickly put on weight, become inactive and carry this unhealthy lifestyle into adulthood.
That simply won't be allowed to happen at Croftcroighn School in the north east corner of Glasgow.

Opened in the summer of 2007 at a cost of £7 million, the school shares state-of-the-art facilities with its nursery and two mainstream primary schools on the same campus.

There's a 15-minute "Get Active" programme every morning, followed by a healthy snack.

But many of the devices needed to promote energetic play could not be found within Croftcroighn's budget.

A telephone call from head teacher Margaret McFadden was all it took to secure the delivery of £3000 worth of bikes and garden benches from the Teddy Bear Foundation.

She said:"This will make an immense difference to the lives of our children.

"In good weather, even on a crisp Winter's day, the children can be out on their bikes or learning in the outdoor environment at their new benches and tables.

"We are now, officially, a health-promoting school. This donation has made a real difference to the lives of our children and given our healthy lifestyles campaign a real injection of energy."

The children of Croftcroighn School get used to their new cycling equipment.

New Bikes and Garden Benches for Croftcroighn School

Bikes and benches; Croftcroighn School has received both from the Teddy Bear Foundation.


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