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Linda Forrest had to piece together a charity jigsaw before she picked up enough cash to carry out sweeping improvements to her nursery school.

The head teacher of Chesters Nursery had witnessed the Teddy Bear Foundation’s work in action at Drummore Primary, nearby at Drumchapel in Glasgow.

She saw how the school had benefited greatly from donations of bicycles and laptop computers.

Her own staff urged Linda to apply to the charity for equipment, too, but with her hectic schedule of work, she never quite got round to it.

By coincidence, Linda and her husband were invited to the fabulous Teddy Bear Ball and when she went back to work on the Monday, she raved to her colleagues about how much fun she had.

Almost as one, they told her:”That’s the charity we told you to apply to!”

With the penny having dropped, Linda quickly fired off a request for £250 to buy a Boardmaker.  This piece of computer software creates visual clues for children with special needs who find it hard to absorb instructions.

Chesters is a new-build nursery with state-of-the-art facilities.  But the Boardmaker would swallow 25 per cent of her annual budget which made it a luxury she could not afford.

Staff had to ‘mend and make do’ by cutting out pictures and placing them onto cards.

Now, the Teddy Bear Foundation has not only agreed to pay for the Boardmaker, it decided the kids could do with a garden area as well.

The school’s garden project was £500 short of a £1500 target after an impressive fund-raising effort by parents.

Now the Teddy Bear Foundation will fill the gap, allowing a contractor to move in to start the job.

Said Linda:”First of all, it was brilliant news about the Boardmaker.  It is a fantastic resource for helping children with language difficulties.

“But to find out that we can now go ahead with our little garden as well is unbelievable news.

“Everyone at the school is over the moon.  I can now phone our gardener and give him the go-ahead to start the work!”

Fun and games at Chesters Nursery School in Glasgow.

Fun and games at Chesters Nursery School in Glasgow.

Happy pupils at Chesters Nursery School in Glasgow.

Fun and games at Chesters Nursery School in Glasgow.

Chesters Nursery is in line for a new Boardmaker.

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