Our Stories - Ceroc Fundraising Dancing Event

Strictly speaking, it was a marvellous way to raise money for the Teddy Bear Foundation.
Several hundred dancers strutting their stuff to Ceroc, a cross between ballroom dancing and Salsa.
And when the music stopped, the Teddy Bear Foundation was a staggering £6000 better off!

Event organiser Sheena Assiph explained:”We stage this dancing weekend every year and it’s always for charity.
“We ask the dancers which organisation they want to support and this year they decided on the Teddy Bear Foundation.”
Around 250 dancers from England, Ireland, Wales and Scotland descended on the Royal Highland Showground at Ingliston, near Edinburgh.
Added Sheena:”It was awesome.
“Ceroc is a modern jive dance, becoming very popular all over the country.
“We had a party on the Friday night, just to get people warmed up for the main event on the Saturday.
“Then, we have a number of competitions while others are just happy to dance.  There’s a lot of children, too, and we kept them occupied with contests like guessing the number of sweeties in a jar, selling cakes and guessing the baby’s weight.
“Some girls made T-shirts and sold them for the charity as well.”
Teddy Bear Foundation Ambassador Lesley McKirdy attended the amazing event and thanked everyone for their generous support.
Said Lesley:”This was one of the biggest single donations we have ever received.
“Without the genorosity of people like this, we would not be able to do all the work we do with special needs kids.”

Charity Dancing Weekend at www.cerocscotland.com

Teddy Bear Foundation accepting donation from Ceroc Scotland.

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