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"It's as if a switch was pulled."
The phrase sums up sudden understanding, as if that simple everyday action allows everything to become clear.

Well that's exactly what's planned for Capability Scotland's Stanmore House School in Lanark. The school provides a home and education for five to 18-year-olds who have severe and complex support needs.

Tasks which many people take for granted, like switching on lights or drawing the curtains, are often extremely difficult for severely disabled children.

However, advances in technology mean that these tasks can now be performed by simply moving the head or pointing your eyes.

The Teddy Bear Foundation has made a donation towards a £53,000 Life Skills Base which will invest in the enabling technology to help the children.

In particular, the Foundation cash is being used to buy a handheld electronic unit which, when linked to other equipment, will allow the user to switch on the TV, use a DVD player, open doors and even communicate with others.

Leanne Cornelius of Capability Scotland said: "The possibilities are endless. "This donation will make a real difference towards helping us achieve our target and improve, beyond measure, the quality of life for disabled children both now and in the future. "The new Life Skills Base will be a vital resource in helping us to achieve our vision of supporting disabled people to have full equality and to have choice and control over their lives."

Stanmore House School

Capability Scotland's Stanmore House School in Lanark

Stanmore House School

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