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The young lives of twins Bonnie and Jennifer Campbell have been strongly influenced by the continued support of the Teddy Bear Foundation.

Before they were in their teens, the sisters from Bonnyrigg in Midlothian were receiving financial help for biochemical tests that would hopefully shine a light on their unusual medical condition.

Both suffer from Autism to varying degrees but the medical profession was unable to explain why the girls contracted more than their fair share of urine and ear infections.

At an early age, they were diagnosed Gluten and Dairy intolerant and have also had various strong reactions to different foods throughout their life. Their behaviour would change dramatically within 20 minutes of eating certain foods, including healthy items like apples, not just the well know triggers such as sweets and fizzy juice.

Now aged 14, the girls are both showing remarkable signs of improvement after new information emerged from the tests funded by the Foundation.

Mum, Pauline, explained: ”We discovered a lot of their problems stemmed from having bad bacteria in their gut.

“Treatments were put in place to try and shift the bad bacteria.

“Fortunately, the girls have not suffered any urine infections since then and we have seen improvements in their school work as well.

“Bonnie’s speech has improved enormously and Jennifer’s spelling has come on leaps and bounds.”

The Teddy Bear Foundation is funding further tests which will hopefully lead to a greater quality of life for the girls in future.

Added Pauline: ”It is not going to be an overnight fix but is rather like building up a pattern to see how the jigsaw pieces fit together.”

Bonnie & Jennifer Campbell

Bonnie and Jennifer Campbell

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