Our Stories - Corin Wiscombe Story

Corin Wiscombe gets excited more regularly than other five-year-old boys.

He is on the Autistic Spectrum, which results in him flapping his arms about and jumping around and squealing.

Sometimes, it can become a problem for his family and teachers, especially when these episodes descend into wild tantrums.

Recently, Corin’s therapist in Kirkcaldy has been trialling him on weight therapy.

Children with Corin’s condition respond well to the pressure of a hug; using weights inside clothing can replicate that pressure and lead to calmer behaviour.

However, these waistcoats are not available through the NHS nor local authority funding.

The Teddy Bear Foundation was asked to provide this specialised clothing and a weighted blanket costing £165.

And mum, Elizabeth, says the impact on her boy has been “massive.”
The mum-of-six said:”The health board gave us a loan of a weighted waistcoat but we had to give it back.

“Now that he’s got his own, he is nowhere near as excitable as he was before.

“The flapping of his arms has been reduced, his tantrums are not as severe and he is able to concentrate much better.

“He actually loves it.  It’s made of material you find on a fleece and he’ll sit there, stroking it.

“He takes it to school in a bag.  His teacher will put it on him if she thinks he’ll need it during the day.”

Corin is dellighted withi his new jacket.

Corin's mum, Elizabeth, says transformation has been "massive"..

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